Fort Sumter House News – January 9, 2015

Transfer Fee Amendment # 15
The Transfer Fee Amendment #15 has been approved. There was a total of 39 Owners who voted before the 12/31/2014 deadline. This is 81.55% of the ownership. Thank you to all those who sent in your ballots!

  • Approve: 35 Owners (72.80% of ownership)

  • Disapprove: 4 Owners ( 8.75% of ownership)

Starting in 2015, this means that the transfer fee will be equal to 3 months of the then current annual regime fee. This fee is negotiable between buyer and seller upon the sale of an apartment in FSH and is deposited to the Reserve account for working capital and maintenance of the building.

Staffing Changes
The FSH Board of Directors has promoted Chris Weiner to the position of Facility Manager effective January 1, 2015. Chris will be accountable for all aspects of the physical facility as well as the staff. He will report to the Board.

Joe Yetsko will assume the part-time position of Administrative Manager. He will be accountable for administering financial processes such as payroll, collecting revenues, paying invoices, managing the budget, and providing for services such as electricity, and water. Joe will continue to report to the Board.

We believe these changes will continue the effective operation of the FSH.

Update to Parking Regulations
The FSHA Parking Regulations have been revised. For the South Battery parking lot, residents may park only 1 vehicle/per resident in this lot during the week, Monday through Friday. The South Battery parking lot is often very crowded since it is designated for contractor use. Contractors pay FSHA a weekly fee to park in the So. Battery lot, so we must have spaces available for them during the week.

The revised Parking Regulations are located here on the Fort Sumter House web site:

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