FSH Security Recommendations

Below are the Fort Sumter House Security Recommendations:

  • Practice vigilance: be aware of the circumstances around you at all times.

  • Report suspicious individuals or activities to the manager or the guard on duty.

  • Never disable or by-pass the locked security doors with duct tape, paper wedges, etc., or block them with objects at any time.

  • Do not admit individuals you do not know to the building for any reason. Even if they claim to be owners or residents, or they claim they have to use a restroom, if you do not know them, politely refuse to let them in. You will be held responsible for anyone you admit to the building.

  • Do not “buzz in” any service people: deliverymen, repairmen, cleaning personnel, or guests unless you can absolutely identify the person by voice; if unable, go to the door and deal with them or admit them personally. Keep your apartment door locked at all times.

  • Use the peep hole to determine who is there, if you receive a knock on the door. If your peep hole has been removed, consider installing a security chain guard.

  • Avoid distributing keys to the security doors and to your apartment. If you are renting your apartment, see that all keys, especially the keys to the locked security doors are returned at the end of the lease.

  • Do not attempt to have the key to the security door copied.

  • Notify the manager if you plan to be away for a period of time and arrange for a neighbor to check on your apartment periodically.

  • Do not leave valuable objects in plain view inside your vehicle as this invites break-ins.

  • Be sure that any tenants or guests are aware of these security practices, and make tenants responsible for them by writing them into their leases.

  • Report all security issues to (843) 723-0064