FSHA Parking Regulations

GENERAL . Off-street parking (Murray Blvd lot and S. Battery lot) for Owners/Residents of the Fort Sumter House is regulated by the FSHA Board of Directors as Managing Agent. Decals will be provided to authorized users of these lots. Parking by authorized users will be on a first-come/first serve basis for all spaces with the exception of those marked in blue in the Murray Blvd lot for special needs individuals.

LOT DESCRIPTIONS . The lot at the north end of the building entered from South Battery Street is henceforth noted as So. Battery Lot.  The lot behind the building entered from Murray Blvd is henceforth known as the Murray Blvd Lot. Both lots are designated open parking to be used on a first-come basis by any vehicle with a valid decal, with the following exceptions:

  1. Murray Blvd Lot: The area directly in front of rear entrance ramp (marked by sign). This area is designated as a loading/drop-off area only. Vehicles shall not be left unattended in this area.
  2. Murray Blvd Lot: Space adjacent to loading area marked Handicap Parking. This space is designated for handicapped visitors (vehicle must have valid handicap decal and/or license plate). This space will be for handicapped visitor use only, not for residents.
  3. Murray Blvd Lot: Spaces marked in blue adjacent to pool fence and directly across from pool fence are designated for special needs residents. These spaces are only to be used by Residents with handicap parking permit and valid FSH parking decal visibly displayed.
  4. So. Battery Lot: Residents may park only 1 vehicle/per resident in this lot during the week, Monday through Friday. The South Battery lot is often very crowded since it is designated for contractor use. Contractors pay FSHA a weekly fee to park in this lot, so we must have spaces available for them during the week.

DECAL ISSUE . Decals will be issued through the FSHA Manager’s Office. They will be available for issue during regular business hours Monday-Friday. Decals will be allotted on the basis of one (1) per one bedroom unit and two (2) per two or more bedrooms. Decals will be of two (2) types, a stick-on decal to affix to windshield or a hangar type to attach to rear-view mirror. The hangar type decal may be transferred between vehicles at users’ discretion. Decals shall be visible at all times while parked in FSHA lots.

GUEST PASSES . Guest passes may be obtained for bona fide guests from the Manager during regular business hours or House Staff after hours. Guests may then park in any designated open parking space. These passes will be valid only for the designated duration of the visit and are non-transferable. Issuance of Guest Passes to be for occasional visitors only and not to be abused as means to circumvent decal allotment limits.

ENFORCEMENT . The following will constitute violations of parking regulations:

  1. Parking in either lot without valid decal on vehicle.
  2. Parking in space(s) designated handicapped with or without FSH decal.
  3. Parking in space(s) designated handicapped without valid handicap decal and/or license plate.
  4. Vehicle left unattended in designated loading area of Murray Blvd Lot with or without FSH decal.
  5. Parking more than 1 vehicle/per resident in the So. Battery Lot with or without an FSH decal (Monday through Friday only).

Vehicles violating these regulations will be asked to be removed from the FSH property if operator can be located. Vehicles may be towed at owner’s expense if operator cannot be reasonably located.

Multiple or frequent violations of these regulations will result in loss of parking privileges and/or monetary fine.