Pet Policy

Currently no pets are allowed at Fort Sumter House.

At the 2013 Annual Meeting, Owners were asked to vote on a new pet policy which would allow cats on all floors and dogs on the first floor. This proposed amendment to the Rules and Regulations DID NOT pass. This means that pets are not allowed in the Fort Sumter House.

The “no pet” policy may be found by clicking on this link, scrolling to the bottom of the file to view Paragraph 34 of the Rules and Regulations.

The Board is asking all owners/residents to follow the FSH “no pet” policy. We are owners just like you and we live in the building full-time. We voluntarily perform our duties as Board members and most decidedly do not like being placed in the role of policy enforcer. But for the good of our community we must act in that capacity. We appeal to you as neighbors and friends to follow the “no pet” policy.

The Board has established the following procedure for enforcing the existing no-pet policy. (1) A notification letter was sent to all Owners on January 10, 2014 informing them of the results of the voting. In addition, a no-pets sign will be posted on the front desk, on the bulletin board, and in other locations. (2) If a pet is seen or the Board receives a written complaint, then the FSH Manager is to remind/notify the Owner/Resident to remove the pet permanently from the premises. The Board will also send a letter informing the owner/resident that the pet must be removed. This letter will inform the Owner/Resident that “If the issue is not addressed, then legal action and a fine (including legal expenses) will be imposed.” (3) If the Owner/Resident is not in compliance with our request and a second incident occurs, then a fine will be imposed and we will have the FSHA lawyer send a letter.

August 10, 2014