Move-In / Move-Out Policy

The following guidelines apply to all persons when moving into and out of apartments in the Fort Sumter House. The purpose of this policy is to protect the building and cover FSH Association expenses that are incurred due to usage of building/resources by these activities, including the freight elevator, FSH parking, building electricity, staff time, etc.. This disproportionate use of FSH resources is not covered in Regime fees and should be paid for by those using the resources, not all the Owners.

  • The Move-In / Move-Out fee is $300 for floors 2 through 7. Since moving in and out of the building on the ground floor requires fewer resources, the Move-In / Move-Out fee for the 1st floor is $150.
  • This non-refundable fee applies to anyone (Owners and renters) moving into an apartment in the building. This fee is only paid once, upon move-in. It does not apply upon move-out.
  • Before the move-in date, the Owner must notify the Building Manager, complete the Tenant Information form (if applicable), and pay the Move-In / Move-Out fee of $300 or $150. The up-front payment of the fee must be made before the Building Manager will facilitate the move into the building.
  • To protect the building, we have established a protocol that requires the FSH staff to roll out a protective covering (purchased by FSHA) on any flooring that will be traversed by the moving activities. By having our staff do this, we will ensure consistency in how we protect the carpeting and other building elements.
  • Owners are responsible for any damage to and the cleanliness of all common areas (i.e. hallways). Any damage to common areas resulting from the moving activity must be repaired at the Owner’s expense.
  • All moves must take place between the hours of 8:00AM and 4:00PM, Mondays through Fridays, excluding holidays observed by the FSHA staff.
  • The Building Manager makes the final determination as to whether the fee applies to the proposed move. Owners may request an exception by writing a letter to the Board.
  • Failure to comply with this policy will cause the move to be stopped until compliance is assured.

April, 2014