Memorabilia: 1946 Fort Sumter Hotel Receipt

Attached is an image of a 1946 Fort Sumter Hotel receipt for a stay in Room 120. The rate for 2 persons was $8 a night! This was sent by Mackenzie Woodward who states thatmy grandparents stayed [at Fort Sumter Hotel] on their honeymoon. Our family is from Spartanburg and my grandparents worked in a textile mill at the time. This trip would have been a big deal for them to take. The last name should be Corbin, not Corkin. My grandfather’s name was Guy Maxwell and my grandmother’s name was Katie Bell. My grandfather was a Marine which was probably the only reason my grandmother allowed $2.25 to be spent on pressing. If she were alive today she still wouldn’t spend that much to get something pressed.” Mackenzie Woodward also learned from her Dad and uncle that after World War II, her Grandfather was a nicely paid weaver earning $.37/hour at the time. The pressing of those pants cost that US Marine veteran 6 hours of work! A trip to the Fort Sumter Hotel was truly a luxury! See pictures below of the original receipt and the happy couple.

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2 Responses to Memorabilia: 1946 Fort Sumter Hotel Receipt

  1. Mason Daley says:

    My husband and I stayed at the Fort Sumpter Hotel in July 1951. I have a similar receipt. It was still $8.00. we were headed to Ponte Vedra, FL. Where was it? What is it now? I live in Pawleys Island. Curioous, as I get to Charleston frequently.

  2. Beth Dixon says:

    Hi Mason,
    They converted the Fort Sumter Hotel into condos in the 1970’s, so it is no longer a hotel. Thanks for sharing! –Beth

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