March 17, 2017: FSHA Update

We thought we would keep everybody updated on the status of the two remaining projects of the three we have undertaken in the last year especially since there are some owners who do not live here full time.

The elevator upgrade has been completed, inspections were done on both elevators and they are both operational at this time.  The new interiors for the cabs, with the exception of the floors, have also been installed and we have included a picture.  We are waiting on samples of granite for the floors to complete this project.

The stonework on the front terrace is almost complete with the steps still under construction.  See pictures.  The steps should be completed tomorrow and then the new doors will be installed starting Monday with a completion date of Wednesday, March 22nd.  The railings and awning will be installed once the doors are in.

We would like to thank all residents for their cooperation and patience shown throughout the last 10 months as we draw closer to the completion of the last capital project from the 2016 Budget Supplement.

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