February 9, 2017: FSHA Update

We would like to update you with regard to the status of our building renovation projects and other Fort Sumter House matters.

Elevator Project
The second passenger elevator is due for it’s final inspection on Monday, February 13th.  If all goes well, both elevators will be in operation by the end of that day.  The renovation of the cab interiors will start within days after the inspection.  Otis says that it will take about one day to do each cab so while this work is being done, we will once again be down to one elevator.  But the interiors desperately need a new look and the inconvenience of having one elevator for a day will be well worth it.

Front Entrance Project
The demolition work on the front terrace has been completed. An engineer was brought in to inspect and certify the structural integrity of the concrete slab prior to installation of the new surface. We are waiting on the written report but have received a verbal statement that the addition of a wire mesh over the concrete is advised to bolster the structural integrity for the new stone. Once that is down, the waterproofing work will start and the bluestone will be installed.  It is projected that once the stone work begins, it will take about two weeks to finish the surface. The next component in this project is the installation of new exterior doors and the new interior doors to the Lobby from the vestibule. This work will begin after completion of the stonework.
Raising the height of the exterior lanterns, the installation of the awning and the addition of planters and signage will complete this project.

2nd & 3rd Floor Terrace Project
The resurfacing work has been completed and water tested. Those owners whose apartments have access to these spaces will be allowed to put approved planters and furniture on them once they have submitted their plan to the Board.

“Mr. Mercedes”
In December, 2016, we were approached by a film company shooting an adaption of a  Stephen King trilogy, “Mr. Mercedes” with the idea of filming some of the scenes in and around our building.  We met with them, reviewed their contract, and countered their proposal with monies that would make it attractive to Fort Sumter House owners who would be impacted by this work.  However, the film company decided to create a set in a warehouse in North Charleston and is no longer interested in filming at the FSH.

Lobby Chandelier
The chandelier was taken down a couple of weeks ago and is presently in the shop area.  Dave Doub, owner of #303 and an electrical engineer, has graciously volunteered his time and resources to rewire the fixture. Many thanks to Dave for all his efforts in getting the chandelier fixed.

Office Laptop
Gordon Strauss, owner of #610, has generously donated a brand new Dell laptop for the office. It was a much needed item and we are very appreciative of Gordon’s gift.

Fort Sumter House Staff
We are pleased to have several new staff members (Nick Puckhaber, Anthony Anastasia & Edward Simmons) on the staff and we will post their pictures and a short bio on each very soon.
Nick Puckhaber, our Maintenance manager, has done a fantastic job bringing various projects around the building to completion, including the following:  work on the elevator project that was not a part of our contract with Otis, repairing various leaks around the building, cleaning and organizing the shop area, partitioning additional office space that was needed to the rear of the storage bins, weatherproofing the back entrance door along with supervising contractors in the building.
Additionally, with the help of Nick’s assistant, Anthony Anastasia, the hallways on each floor are being patched and repainted.
Before the pool opens for the season, they will be repairing sections of the pool fence and repainting it.  They have already patched the concrete in certain areas on the pool deck and will be re-coating the deck before opening day.
Much needed landscaping will also be done there and around the building.

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