August 12, 2016: Reminders (Water Damage, Building Projects, & Moving in / out)

Water damage Caused by Clogged Drain Pipe

A few days ago a drain pipe in the Fort Sumter House became clogged; water backed up overflowing a kitchen sink and caused damage to that unit and the two units below it. There are two (2) lessons for owners and renters to learn from this incident:

  1. Do not pour grease down your kitchen sink drain. Do not grind large amounts of fruits, vegetables, and other foods in your kitchen disposal. This may create clogs that cause significant damage to units.
  2. Make sure you have an H06 insurance policy for your unit. If there is damage to your unit, the insurance for the owner of the unit is responsible for paying to repair the damage, regardless of who or what caused the damage. This “no fault” approach was strongly recommended by our insurance agent and lawyer as a way to avoid expensive fault-finding lawsuits and creating additional ill-will among neighbors.

You need to have proof of an H06 policy on file in the FSH office. Joy Jarvis, the Admin Manager, will contact you if you don’t.

Building projects

If you will be doing a project in your unit, regardless of size, you are required to notify Chris Weiner, the Facility Manager, before the project begins so he can approve the plans and insure you have proper insurance and permits. Your contractor may be denied entry if the proper documents are not provided beforehand.

Moving in and out of the building

If you will be moving out of the building, or if you have renters moving in or out of the building, please notify Chris Weiner or Joy Jarvis ahead of time so that it can be scheduled. Moves are conducted Monday – Friday, 8am-4pm. No weekend moves are allowed in consideration of other Fort Sumter House residents.

August 12, 2016

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