Preparing for the 2016 Hurricane Season

Hurricane season began June 1 and extends through November 30, 2016.
With the 2016 terrace resurfacing project, all the 2nd and 3rd floor terraces will be cleared of owner’s personal property (furniture & plants) by August 1.  For those owners who have patios and small balconies, we would like to remind you that, in the event of a hurricane or stormy weather,  you are responsible for clearing your personal effects from these areas.

If you will be absent from your apartment, please prepare the apartment prior to leaving by:

a) Removing all furniture, plants and movable objects from the patio or balcony and secure all windows and doors; and
b) Designating a responsible firm or individual to care for the apartment should the unit suffer damage from a hurricane.

In the past, it has sometimes become necessary for FSH Management to access apartments and clear objects left on terraces and balconies prior to a hurricane or bad weather. Please note that in the future, owners and residents who do not comply with removing items from terraces and balconies prior to bad weather will be charged a fee of $100.00 if FSH Management has to hire someone or ask the staff to do this during normal hours. Furthermore, it must be noted that if an object flies off a balcony or terrace during high winds and injures someone or something, then the Owner is liable, not the FSH Association.

In addition, we want to remind owners and residents that FSH Management must have 24/7 access (via master key) to all apartments. Paragraph 26 ( c ) in the Master Deed stipulates the requirement for easement into every apartment for purposes of “…maintenance, repair or replacement of any of the common elements therein or accessible therefrom and at any time for making emergency repairs…”. This is especially important during hurricane season when an emergency might occur.

Thank you for your cooperation.

(Reference to previous notices about Hurricane Preparation:

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