Letter 9/22/2015: Annual Homeowner Meeting

FSH Annual Meeting
The Fort Sumter House Association annual homeowners meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 26, 2015 at 6:30 PM. It is essential that all Association members attend this meeting in person or by proxy (to designate a representative). Otherwise, the Association may not have an adequate quorum to conduct business in accordance with the Master Deed, which could be detrimental to all members.

  • If you cannot attend the annual meeting, you must return the proxy designating any officer/director or other owner (who will be present at the meeting) as your representative.

The terms of Board Members Beth Dixon, George Boniface, and Glenn DeBiasi will expire October 26, 2015. In addition, Joy Jarvis will resign from the Board on October 19, 2015 in order to accept the position of Administrative Manager (read more about this below). Any property owner who is interested in serving as a Board Member for two years should submit a resume to Joe Yetsko no later than Friday, October 9, 2015.

Staff Changes
After 20 years serving as Building Manager and Administrative Manager, Joe Yetsko will retire effective December 31, 2015. Joe has played an integral part in maintaining all aspects of the Fort Sumter House, from managing the finances to keeping the building in great shape. We owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude for his many years of service and he will be greatly missed. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors. Joe will be back from time to time as he has agreed to consult with us after December 31st.

Joy Jarvis will replace Joe as Administrative Manager. Joy has served on the Board for more than ten years and has an intimate knowledge of the building, its finances and policies. In addition, she has developed positive relationships with owners and residents. She will be training under Joe beginning October 19, so there will be a smooth transition.

Open Board Seats
There will be four (4) open Board seats. We encourage owners to consider serving on the Board. You should know that a Board seat is a very active position, as you will be involved in setting and monitoring the budget, deciding when to invest in maintenance and repair projects, setting and enforcing policy, making decisions about insurance, hiring and ensuring the effective performance of staff, and more. You would be responsible for achieving these Board goals:

1. Ensure the financial viability and financial integrity of the FSH
2. Maintain the physical facility
3. Ensure safety, cleanliness and livability for the residents
4. Govern within the Master Deed, By-laws and Rules/Regulations
5. Ensure effective and efficient operation of the building
6. Upgrade the physical facility, when feasible within FSHA budgetary constraints

Important Dates

  • October 9—last day to submit your resume to Joe Yetsko to apply for a Board seat

  • October 26 (6:30 pm)—FSHA Annual Meeting in the lobby of the FSH

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