April 25, 2015: FSHA Web Site

4/25/2015: The issue on the web site has been resolved. SiteLock, an Internet security company, solved the problem by scanning the entire site and removing the malicious code. They have installed a security firewall for the FSHA site to prevent future issues like this. SiteLock is confident that they have cleaned all infections and that our website is free of threats. Further they said this malware was not a virus, rather it was malware code inserted into the web site code only to display bogus text. It did not “infect” and was not a threat to anyone who visited the site. If you encounter anything unusual on the site in the future, please use the Contact Us link (on the left) to report the issue.

4/24/2015: Malware has infected our web site at URL fortsumterhouse.org.
We are working to resolve the issue.

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