March 13, 2015: Information Regarding Common Areas

Several weeks ago the furniture in the lobby was rearranged in order to create a larger seating area and freshen up the lobby. We received many comments, both positive and negative. The FSHA Board of Directors met in the lobby on February 28 to assess the furniture arrangement and agreed that our large lobby needs to have two seating areas. That plan was put into action and the furniture arranged accordingly. The Board also agreed that we want to have a comprehensive design plan for the first floor, including the lobby. We recognize that at this time we do not have enough lobby furniture, that some of it is mismatched, and that it is starting to look like it needs to be updated. We also recognize that with the many priorities competing for limited money, hiring a designer and purchasing new furniture and accessories will have to wait a little while.

The expenditures for the building have historically been mostly about fixing things when they break (such as the HVAC system). Recognizing that our building is in a desirable location in  a world-class city, the Board is in the process of developing a master plan for the building to include enhancements like a lobby update. We want to establish a vision of what we want for the building, the order of the various projects, and how to pay for them. The plan will be presented and discussed with owners when we have a preliminary draft.

In the meantime, we want to remind all owners and residents that the Master Deed (Exhibit F – paragraph 9) and (Exhibit G – paragraph 8) states: “Alteration of Property: Nothing shall be altered or constructed in or removed from the common elements, except upon the written consent of the Association.” Therefore we ask owners, who want to make changes to the lobby area (or any common area), to send an email or letter to the Board with the suggestion or request.

According to the Master Deed, the hallways are considered common area. In 2008, the FSH Building and Grounds Committee (B&G) and the Board updated all the hallways with new paint color, light fixtures, and wall hangings, etc. They all agreed that the hallways must (1) have a common, attractive look, (2) have the same decor on all floors (excluding the elevator lobby area), and (3) recognize the Board as the decision maker in order to comply with the Master Deed and avoid disputes among owners who have different opinions about décor in common areas. We ask owners and residents to please follow the policy (agreed upon in 2008) and the Master Deed, and not change décor in common area hallways. This includes not changing door colors, pictures on the walls, light fixtures, and not adding other items to the common area like door mats and decoration/fixtures on hallway doors. The elevator lobby on each floor may be decorated according to the wishes of the residents on that floor, however Board approval is required.

Your Board does want your opinions! In fact they are very important to us as we try to comply with the Master Deed and formulate policy in keeping with your wishes and the best interests of all owners. You can communicate with any Board member in person, via email (our email addresses are listed on this website: “Board Members”) or by replying to this posting in the space below.

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