2014 Annual Turkey Day Run and Gobble Wobble

The Knights of Columbus organization is hosting an annual 5K run and walk on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 27th, 2014.   They anticipate the event lasting from 7 am until 12 noon and are notifying all impacted neighborhoods. A map of the race route is located on the desk in the front lobby of FSH. Their event will impact the following neighborhoods:

  1. Ansonborough Neighborhood Association
  2. Charlestowne Neighborhood Association
  3. French Quarter Neighborhood Association
  4. Harleston Village Neighborhood Association
  5. Radcliffeborough Neighborhood Association
  6. Mazyck-Wraggborough (Garden District) Neighborhood Association

The following streets will be closed as indicated below:

  1. King Street between Vanderhost and Calhoun Streets from 7 am-11 am

Note: Lane will remain open for traffic to flow into Francis Marion Parking Area

  1. Meeting Street between Hudson and Calhoun Streets from 7 am- 9:30 am

  2. Calhoun Street between King and Meeting Streets from 8 am-11 am

  3. Meeting Street between Calhoun and South Battery Street from 8:50 am -9:45 am

  4. South Battery Street between Meeting and East Battery Street from 9 am-10 am

  5. East Battery/Murray Blvd between South Battery & Lenwood Street 9 -10:15 am

  6. Lenwood Street between Murray Blvd and South Battery from 9 am-10:15 am

  7. South Battery Street between Lenwood and King Street from 9 am-10:15 am

  8. King Street from South Battery to Calhoun Street from 9 am-10:30 am

If possible please relocate your vehicles from the race route during the above listed times. Thank you for your kind consideration in this matter.For more information, contact Race Director Tim O’Connor 437-8069 or Assistant Race Dale Sears at 509-6721.

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